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There are more than two dictionaries on my credit which were prepared during the 2000's. Two of them are still published and largely marketed now-a-days. A visitor can buy these books from a nearest shop, or order online to get these books by post.

English English Malayalam

I started compiling this dictionary in 1998, and completed its works in 2011. Most commonly used words in English language are listed in this gigantic book with equivalent Malayalam terms and their explanation. I have tried to include the maximum number of phrases and idioms with a large array of proverbs and wise sayings. I am sure that this book can provide the maximum a referrer wants from a book of this sort.
To assist the students and other candidates for competitive examinations, I have included some additional chosen parts of synonyms, antonyms and homonyms. To ease the reference, a small compact reverse dictionary of Malayalam to English is also given. This will help a referrer to get a clearer understanding of each term. Aarshasri Publishing Co. publishes and markets this dictionary. It has 1180 pages in a crown 1/4 size.

English Malayalam
Computer Dictionary

This dictionary is the first of its kind in English-English-Malayalam version. It includes words other terms from computer technology only. In 2004, the first edition of this book was launched. It is useful for the students up to the level of higher secondary. Still, this dictionary is published and marketed. This work has 832 pages in a demy 1/8 size, and is published by Prasanthi Publishers.

Children's Master

I prepared this book in 2009. It is a medium-sized illustrated book arranged trilingually for the students of below primary level. It is printed in demy 1/4 with more than 360 pages of art quality. Aarshasri Publishing Co. publishes and distributes this book. This is one of my best seller in the market.                                    

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