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Grammar Books

I have written more than two books on English grammar during 2000's. They were written in an instructive style to ease the study of the students of English language. A visitor can buy these books online by clicking on each item, and filling the order form.

Aarshasri's English Master

This is very large book which gives a detailed explanation on very common and basic grammatical rules of English language. All the topics are very clearly and simply explained in Malayalam language with a lot of practical materials.
This book consists of two parts. The first part includes the grammatical rules with detailed explanation in Malayalam language. The second part is of Spoken language. The ordinary style of English speech is given with prepared dialogs and theirs Malayalam equivalent pronunciation and translation.
This book is mainly for all who master English language. Aarshasri Publishing Co. publishes and markets this book. A reader can buy this book from a shop or online. Click on this book, and fill your order to get this book online.

A course on
Spoken English

This book on spoken English was prepared by me in 2003. It was written in a style that might be understandable to laymen. Basic grammatical rules and the art of talking in a foreign language, especially in English, are explained in it. There are a lot of lessons which are occasions in which conversations are developed. All the dialogues are directly translated to Malayalam to ease the understanding. With each lesson, the rules of the sentence structure are also given with many exercises.

This book, having the page strength of 404 pages in crown 1/4 size, was published by Solar Publications.                                    

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