Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

About Me

I started my career as an English teacher. And also, I began teaching computer hardware and software in different levels of education. At first, I wrote books as a part-time job. But, gradually, I fully engrossed in writing. As a writer, still I have been continuing my work for more than 13 yrs.

On the course of my career, I worked as an editor in many publications, and now, I work as a full-time chief editor in Aarshasri Publishing Co., Thiruvananthapuram. This publication mainly publishes books of educational importance. You can contact me filling the form on the right side.

I am also a social worker. I work voluntarily with OASIS Charitable Trust, which is an organization setup for the assistance of very poor and needy children from the weak part of the society. You can also work with me voluntarily.                                    

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