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My Books

The following is a small list of my many books written during the past 15 years. Some of them are so very old that they are not published or marketed now-a-days. Among my 32 published works, only the most popular or largely sold titles are listed. My works are mainly books which have, in some way or other, an educational importance. Books on English grammar and lexicography are most of my works. Some of my early works were under certain pen-names with fake identities because; there was a question of publicity and market. Such books are not listed. And the works which were edited by me are also not listed.

Computer Digest

This work was completed by me in 1998. But, it was first published late in 1999. This book, titled as "Computer Digest" tells the students some of the basic ideas of computer hardware and software. Some basic ideas of systems assembling and servicing techniques are also said in a very simple and colloquial way. This book had 400 pages in a crown 1/4 size, and was published by Addone Publishing Group.

Countries of the World

"Countries of the world" is one of my newly published works. It was created as a guidance to the students who seek for the fundamental awareness of the world. In the middle of 2008, the book was first published. This book, fully printed in art paper, is still sold in the market. It has 336 pages in a demy 1/4 size, and was published by Aarshasri Publishing Co.

English Malayalam
Computer Dictionary

This dictionary is the first of its kind in English-English-Malayalam version. It includes words other terms from computer technology only. In 2004, the first edition of this book was launched. It is useful for the students up to the level of higher secondary. Still, this dictionary is published and marketed. This work has 832 pages in a demy 1/8 size, and is published by Prasanthi Publishers.

English Master

This work was completed by me in 2009. It very simply explains the grammatical rules of English language. The explanations are purely instructive, and the sentence construction is in a way that can be understood by anyone who can read and write Malayalam. At present, it is sold in abundance. This book, containing 480 pages in demy 1/4 size is published and distributed by Aarshasri Publishing Co.

Millennium Computer

"Millennium Computer" is one of my old books which was written mainly for primary level school students. It says some basic ideas about windows operating system and DOS. In a very simple way, matters are explained in it. The medium of the book is Malayalam. This book was first published in 2000 by Kerala Publi-shers, now known as Prasanthi Publishers. It contains 404 pages in demy 1/4 size.

My Folktales (Bilingual)

"Ente Natotikathakal (My Folktales)" is one of my recent works published, and the second of its kind. My first book with the same topic was "Natotikathakal (Folktales)" published by Pras-anthi Publishers under a pen name and fake identity. This book is published by Aarshasri Publishing Co., and is still sold in the market. These two works are my bilingually retold (English-Malayalam) books. Both of them have more than 400 pages in demy 1/4 size.

Project Master (English)

This book, titled as "Project Master", was created by me in view of giving the students an idea of developing their project works. This book is full of sample projects which a student can study and imitate. This book has 392 pages and is in demy 1/4 size. Aarshasri Publishing Co. is publishing and distributing this work.

Project Master

This is the direct Malayalam translation of the English version of "Project Master". Size and the topic are same to that of the English version. This book is also published by Aarshasri Publishing Co. Both these books are still published and distributed in the market.

A course on
Spoken English

This book on spoken English was prepared by me in 2003. It was written in a style mainly for laymen. Basic grammatical rules and the art of talking in a foreign language, especially in English, are explained in it. This book, having the page strength of 404 pages in crown 1/4 size, was published by Solar Publications.

World Data File

I wrote this book in 2000. It is a very compact book which gives some basic pieces of information about the countries of the world. It was printed in demy 1/8 with 40 pages of art quality. Universal Press & Publications was its publisher. This is no more published or marketed for it is very old.

English English
Malayalam Dictionary

I completed this gigantic work in March 2011 since it started in 1998. It comprises 1180 pages in a size of crown 1/4. Most of the currently used words are explained with their Malayalam equivalents. All the given meanings are very much up-to-date, and necessary changes have been made in the language conversion.

Children's Master

I prepared this book in 2009. It is a medium-sized illustrated book arranged trilingually for the students of below primary level. It is printed in demy 1/4 with more than 360 pages of art quality. Aarshasri Publishing Co. publishes and distributes this book. This is one of my best sellers in the market.

Project Master (English)

This book, titled as "Project Master", is a direct version of the previous one listed here with the same name. This version is a revised and enlarged one with a page count of 512 pages in demy 1/4. Aarshasri Publishing Co. publishes and distributes this book. Some pages of this book are in multi-color print.

Project Master (Malayalam)

This book is the direct Malayalam version of the revised and enlarged version of "Project Master. All settings are same to that of the English version. It has the same page count of 512 pages in demy 1/4. Aarshasri Publishing Co. publishes and distributes this book. Some pages of this book are in multi-color print.

Master Computer (Malayalam)

This book, titled as "Master Computer", is my latest work which was published by Aarshasri Publishing Co. Computer hardware and software maintenance is the main topic of this book. It also explains the practice of MS-Office, and the uses of many windows-based utility programs. This book contains more than 416 pages in a crown 1/4 size. This is entirely a practical book                                    

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