Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

Books on Arts and Science

I have written more than three books on arts and science during the 2000's. Most of them were prepared with a view to assisting the students of high school and graduate levels. Many of these books are still published and largely sold in the market. You can buy these books from shops or online. To order your books, please click on the book, and fill your order.

Countries of the World

This book was first published in 2004 in a demy 1/4 size with 336 pages of art quality. The topic of this book are the details of all countries in the world. A very clear explanation of the world information with exact maps is arranged very cleverly in this book. Aarshasri Publishing Co. still publishes and markets this book. All the basic ideas of a country can be referred with the help of this book.

Project Master (English)

This book, titled as "Project Master", was created by me in view of giving the students an idea of developing their project works. This book is full of sample projects which a student can study and imitate. This book has 392 pages and is in demy 1/4 size. Aarshasri Publishing Co. is publishing and distributing this work.

Project Master

This is the direct Malayalam translation of the English version of "Project Master". Size and the topic are same to that of the English version. This book is also published by Aarshasri Publishing Co. Both these books are still published and distributed in the market.

World Data File

I wrote this book in 2000. It is a very compact book which gives some basic pieces of information about the countries of the world. It was printed in demy 1/8 with 40 pages of art quality. Universal Press & Publications was its publisher. This is no more published or marketed for it is very old.                                    

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