Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

Children's Books

There are more than three books on my credit which were prepared during the 2000's for children. All of them are still published and largely marketed now-a-days. A visitor can buy these books from a nearest shop, or order online to get these books by post.

Aarshasri's My Folktales (Bilingual)
(Ente Natotikkathakal)

"Ente Natotikathakal (My Folktales)" is one of my recent works published, and the second of its kind. The first one title as 'Natotikathakal', published by Prasanthi Publishers, Thiruva-nanthapuram, was under a fake authorship and identity. So, it is not listed here. This book is published by Aarshasri Publishing Co., and is still sold in the market. These two works are my bilingually retold (English-Malayalam) books. Both of them have more than 400 pages in demy 1/4 size.
In each book, I compiled more than 200 folktales including very popular and interesting fairytales. Some were created by me myself. Each story was written on a single page with illustration, and the direct Malayalam translation in the other page. Aarshasri solely publishes and markets this book. The size of this book is demy 1/4.
I mainly viewed vocabulary exercise and mastering grammar through this book with entertainment. A visitor can buy this book from a nearest shop or through online.

Children's Master

I prepared this book in 2009. It is a medium-sized illustra-ted book arranged trilingually for the students of below primary level. It is printed in demy 1/4 with more than 360 pages of art quality. Aarsh-asri Publishing Co. publishes and distributes this book. This is one of my best seller in the market.                                    

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